7 common mistakes made by web designers

How often have you seen some terrible web designs? Many websites look horrible, especially those built using templates.

The problem is that designers don’t always take enough time to make sure their sites are user-friendly.

Some of their sites end up looking like a cluttered mess like one of those Hentai porn websites.…

Web Design Tips That Will Help You Optimize Your Website

Have you ever been so busy browsing the internet that you neglected to visit your own business website?

The first impression you will leave on your customer is your website. A business website has the potential to earn you more sales and more clients if you properly market it. You can even earn extra money by including advertising on your website to spread the word about your services and brand to those who search for them online.

You do not

Tips To Get Your Website Design Going Toward the Right Direction

It has long been the belief of many website developers that once a website is launched it should stay in the public eye for as long as possible. For the best results, the site should be regularly updated with new material as well as contain links to new sites that are interesting and worth visiting.

With many people looking for affordable website designers, it’s no surprise that supply has become extremely high and the demand has become extremely low. However,

How to Learn Graphic Design

If you’re the type of person who is interested in the visual arts and always thinks of ways to improve the usability of the websites you visit, you may have an aptitude for graphic design. Graphic design is a very broad field with numerous subdivisions that draw on areas of knowledge such as visual art, user experience, color theory, design theory, typography, and web design. Fortunately, it is easy to delve into these subjects in formal study programs or even …

10 Ways to Become a Better Designer

You’ve probably seen lists like this before, but here’s my take on ways to improve your skills and become a good designer. I believe that good designers don’t just do good design, but are conscientious, quick, and intuitive. Although there are many ways to become a designer, below is a list of ten things that I feel are important for every designer.

Create a reference library

It is always good to have good and bad references. Whenever I can get …