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We love Atlanta! Want to know what the startup Made In Atlanta is all about? It's more than just Atlanta t-shirts and baby onesies.
Made In Atlanta StartUp
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Made In Atlanta StartUp

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Made In Atlanta StartUp

Were you born in Atlanta? I was. Do you have a business or product made in Atlanta? I do. I am Made In Atlanta. Help Made In Atlanta get out there! We’re selling Made in Atlanta tshirts, baby onesies, coozies and more. Made In Atlanta is more than a brand, a logo, or a product. We love Atlanta! Made In Atlanta was created to promote people and things made right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Let us know if you’re made in Atlanta.

``Don't start a company unless it's an obsession and something you love.`` Mark Cuban

Well, aren’t we obsessed with Atlanta?! Atlanta is something we love – the city, the parks, festivals, community, restaurants, sports, traffic (just kidding), people, business, opportunities, diversity, and so much more. Have I mentioned that we love Atlanta?! The founder was born in Atlanta and grew professionally in Atlanta. We love supporting Atlanta initiatives and promoting local businesses, products, startups, artists, musicians, etc. So in 2015, Made In Atlanta was created. We hope you support our efforts to promote the great city of Atlanta and the people and products that are made right here in Atlanta. Just give us a like or follow online, or maybe even shop in our store.

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