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Just for fun, I typed the letters of the alphabet individually in the Google search bar to see what would show up first. And, here is what I found:
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Interesting Google Search

Interesting Google Search

Google Search

Just for fun, I typed individually the letters of the alphabet into the Google search bar to see what word or phrase would show up first in Google search. Here’s what I found:


A – Amazon

B – Best Buy

C – Craigslist

D – Donald Trump

E – Ebay (followed by ESPN)

F – Facebook

G – Google

H – Home Depot

I – Indeed (then Instagram)

J – Jimmy Johns (over Justin Beiber)

K – Kroger

L – Lowes

M – Mapquest

N – Netflix

O – Old Navy

P – Pizza Hut (before Papa Johns)

Q – Quizlet (Quantico would be my top) I didn’t know about Quizlet, but I do now. 🙂

R – Redbox

S – Sears (over Starbucks)

T – Target (then The Bachelor)

U – USPS Tracking

V – Verizon

W – Walmart

X – Xfinity (Xanax also made the list)

Y – YouTube

Z – Zillow (followed by Zika virus)


There are a lot of shoppers! Are there any that you find interesting or surprising?

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