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How to Invite LinkedIn Connections to Like Facebook Page

How to Invite LinkedIn Connections to Like Facebook Page

Are you trying to build your Facebook page? Do you want more likes and don’t want to spend money doing it? There are several organic ways to get Facebook “likes” and most take some time. Have you tried inviting your LinkedIn connections to like your business Facebook page?

Here’s how to invite your LinkedIn connections to Like your Facebook page

First, log in to your LinkedIn account.

After logging in to your profile, click on “See connections” found in the right column – circled in red below.

Amanda Hall Massey LinkedIn Profile picture


Next, you’ll want to click on “Manage synced and imported contacts” in the top right column.


Manage LinkedIn Connections


The next page should show your synced and imported contacts. Under Advanced actions, in the right column, click on “Export contacts“.


Export Linkedin Contacts


The next step is to scroll down to “Getting an archive of your data”, check Fast file only, and click on the “Request archive” button. You’ll need to enter your password for security verification. This download of your connections is ready in about 10 minutes.


Request LinkedIn Data


After the data is downloaded, LinkedIn will send you an email with a link of your data archive, which will allow you to download the file to your computer. Be sure to check your email that is associated with your LinkedIn profile. After the download, you’ll open a folder that includes your connections, contacts, messages, positions, recommendations, and more as CSV files.


Basic LinkedIn Data Archive


Next, log in to Facebook and open your brand or business page. To the right of the share button, click the dropdown for “Suggest Page“.


Atlanta Digital Studio Facebook page


Choose “Contact List File” and upload your Connections.csv file that was downloaded from LinkedIn.


Upload LinkedIn Contacts to Facebook page


You can then select individual contacts or all contacts before clicking “Preview Suggestion“.


Suggest Facebook Page


Click the “Finish” button and you’re all done. You’ve just invited your LinkedIn connections to “Like” your Facebook page.

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  • Hi there. Thanks for this interesting post! Unfortunately I’m struggling to put this into practice because when I click to the right of the share button, I get a slightly different dropdown, without “Suggest Page“. ANy tips on how I can fix this? Thanks!

    September 6, 2017 at 4:28 AM
    • Atlanta Digital Studio

      Hi Amelie,
      Thank you for your message and for reading! What type of items are you seeing in your dropdown? I’m happy to chat or help in any way I can. Feel free to send me an email
      Sincerely, Amanda

      September 20, 2017 at 1:39 PM