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DaVinci’s Pizzeria of Decatur, GA
DaVinci’s of Decatur, DaVincis Pizzeria, DaVincis Pizza, Decatur, Midtown, GA
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DaVinci’s of Decatur

265 Ponce De Leon Place, Suite Q Decatur, GA

DaVinci’s of Decatur

Decatur isn’t short on pizza. This should be welcome news to anyone who, like me, comes through town during one of the Greater Atlanta area’s many annual festivals—in my case, the AJC Decatur Book Festival. DaVinci’s is one of many locally owned and operated establishments. It’s just off of Ponce de Leon Place near the Decatur Square, which, literature enthusiasts will know, is the epicenter of the grand and lively festival of all things books.


I paid DaVinci’s a visit on Saturday night after the festival and was delighted to find that the restaurant was rather quiet and cozy. Their menu is just about the ideal length—I neither found myself asking, “Is this it?” nor did I have to spend a great deal of time perusing pages upon pages of options. DaVinci’s boasts a number of specialty and gourmet pies, all of which are confident winners, and of course the house is ready to make any pizza to order should none of their signatures immediately win over the choosy pizza aficionado.


I ended up trying the “Soprano”, a gourmet option which at 10” is more than enough pizza for two and which amounts to a $6.25 dinner per person. Not bad at all, especially considering that it came out of the oven before I could blink, was decorated in fresh toppings that hadn’t been cooked down to wimpy dregs of their former selves, and had a just-right, not-too-soft, not-too-crispy crust. I also sampled a customized gluten-free pizza (with chicken sausage, spinach, red onion, and light sauce), and I have to say, for someone who feels that gluten-free dishes are often hit-or-miss, DaVinci’s hits the mark.

decatur pizza

That said, Decatur locals, you have yet another hometown gem to be proud of, and visitors, if you’re stopping in Decatur or Midtown anytime soon, go visit the fine folks at DaVinci’s and treat yourself to a unique, high quality, and affordable bella noche.


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Chad Douglas
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