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Some of our favorite Atlanta coffee shops! Let us know your favorite...
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Atlanta Coffee Shops

Some of our Favorite Coffee Shops in Atlanta

Atlanta Coffee Shops

Happy National Coffee Day!

Here are just a few of our favorite coffee shops in Atlanta.


Condesa Coffee

If you’re looking for a coffee spot with more of an industrial, alternative vibe then Condesa Coffee is the place for you. Located in both the historic Atlanta Daily World Building in downtown Atlanta and in the Old Fourth Ward Tribune Lofts, Condesa Coffee typically sees businessmen/women, GSU students, and general patrons alike. Condesa Coffee both serves and sells Counter Culture coffee. This spacious coffee shop offers a basic menu and a great selection of pastries and snacks. Their mocha lattes are dark and nutty, and are sure to satisfy any palette.

condesa coffee


Ebrik Coffee Room

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta near Georgia State University, Ebrik Coffee Room is unlike any other location of its kind in the Atlanta area. This coffee shop is a coffee connoisseur’s oasis – a roasted-bean retreat – tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Banksy images on the walls and unique, mismatched decor around the seating area make this place an especially great spot for GSU students in the downtown area to get work done or simply have a nice chat. Ebrik’s white chocolate mocha is decadent and strong whether made hot or cold. If you’re ever strolling the downtown area, be sure to take some time to visit Ebrik Coffee Room.

ebrik coffee room


Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery

Hodgepodge Coffee is one of the most unique establishments in the Atlanta area because it serves as both a coffee shop and an art gallery. This coffee house supports local artists by hosting bi-monthly art shows and displaying their artworks throughout the establishment. Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery is spacious and beautifully well-lit by a number of huge windows overlooking Moreland Avenue. It’s the perfect space for anyone to set up shop and get some work done for a few hours, or to curl up with one of the tomes supplied by the in-house bookshelf for patrons to explore. Some of their most popular and adventurous drinks, like the “Slap Yo’ Pappy” made from coffee concentrate with half and half and white chocolate syrup, will put some serious pep in your step.

Hodgepodge Coffee House


Java Monkey

Situated in the heart of Downtown Decatur, Java Monkey Coffee is a mecca for coffee lovers who enjoy a great brew paired with live entertainment. Performances are held almost every night. Java Monkey is not only a coffee shop, but also a bar and a sandwich shop. This cozy shop is nestled in one of the many neighborhoods of Atlanta. Small and intimate, Java Monkey is the place to escape from the fast pace city life.

Java Monkey Coffee


Octane Coffee

One of Atlanta’s most popular coffee spots by far, Octane Coffee can be found in several locations in the Atlanta area. After hearing so much praise I had to go check out this local chain to see what the hype was all about. Each location has a one-of-a-kind vibe, often reflecting the culture of the surrounding neighborhood. Whether you want to go to a coffee shop that embodies the cool, hipster vibe like the one located in Grant Park or the trendy, modern atmosphere of the Midtown location at the Woodruff Arts Center, these brewers have you covered. Their vanilla lattes with soy are rich epitomizing a perfect combination of sweet and smooth that’ll melt your taste buds.

octane coffee


Wanderlust Coffee Co.

Roasted from Octane, Wanderlust Coffee is locally bottled in the Atlanta area. Freshly brewed and steeped for 18 hours to achieve the right flavor, Wanderlust Cold Brew Coffee is perfect for anyone who’s always on the go. Wanderlust Coffee is sold in select stores, coffee shops, bars, and farmers’ markets around Atlanta, GA.

Wanderlust Coffee cold brew

Photo by Amanda R. Hall Photography


Favorite Atlanta Coffee Shop

Where is your favorite Atlanta coffee shop? Take our poll and let us know. Stay tuned for the results!

Carlicia Smith
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